We understand that you may have some questions about our services, so we've compiled a list of the most frequent questions we get about vinyl wrap.

A full wrap in most cases includes both sides, the hood, and the rear of any vehicle. If warranted, all applicable and necessary windows will be wrapped in a see through perforated window film.  Customers always have the option of adding the roof, bumpers, and mirrors if not already included in the wrap. Full wraps do tend to be the most effective advertising option when it comes to vehicle graphics.

A partial wrap is anything digitally printed less than a full wrap. For example, on pickup trucks the most common partial wrap is all the way down the side of the truck, below the windows, and includes the tailgate. 

These types of wraps offer a more affordable solution to those customers who may not have it in their budget to do a full wrap, or maybe have multiple vehicles in their fleet that they wish do have vehicle graphics put on for advertising. There are endless possibilities and options for partial wraps, and each clients needs may be unique. In most cases we at 1DayWraps can integrate the color of the vehicle into the actual wrap to give the partial wrap the effect of being a complete wrap. 

Partial wraps are equally effective and just as attractive as full wraps when our professional artists and installers are working on your project.

Spot graphics are the most affordable solution to advertising on your vehicle or fleet of vehicles. Effective and simple, strategically placed logos, phone numbers, and descriptive verbiage itemizing your companies services will still successfully convey what you are trying to get across to the end-user.

Most spot graphics jobs start as low as $100 and end up being less than $1000. 

With the professional staff at 1DayWraps., we will ensure successful placement of your graphics in order to successfully get the attention of your target demographic, on time, and on budget!

There are some definite benefits to wrapping over painting, and here are a few:
•    Down time:  Most wraps are installed in only 1 day, professionally applied paint jobs typically require 2-5 weeks of down time.
•    Cost:  Matte wrap vehicle graphics are considerably less costly than a comparable professionally applied matte paint job.
•    Protection: Vehicle wraps professionally applied by our staff at 1daywraps.com effectively protect your OEM paint and are 100% removable.
•    Make that car look brand new:  Our matte and gloss wraps cover up all those hideous swirls and surface scratches, giving your vehicle that new car look.  Damage a wrapped fender, or any other body panel, and we  at 1daywraps.com can simply remove and re-wrap that one panel and get you back on the road in style.
•    Resale: When you custom paint your vehicle, you immediately limit who you can sale your car to when you want to get something new.  With a vehicle wrap, you simply remove the wrap, 99.9% of the time without any damage to the factory paint, and are able to sale that vehicle to the mass public more easily.
•    Lifespan:  When properly cared for, wraps may outlast even the best paint jobs.  We recommend waxing your wraps to prolong it’s life, and even have customers who buff their wraps to bring out that gloss.
•    Choices: Like paint, most colors are an option, for either matte finish, or gloss.  However, unlike paint, we at 1daywraps.com are able to print any texture, or background image you may desire, without the insanely expensive cost of a professional airbrush artist to personalize your paint job. 

Our perforated wrap is ideal for storefront windows and vehicle windows. It allows us to print a design on the outside of the wrap that is seen from the outside, but from inside your business or vehicle, you can still see out your windows. It’s kind of like a one way mirror, but its vinyl and it has your design on it.

Yes, you can wash your car after you wrap it. Although, wait at least 3 days before you do so. DO NOT take your car through a drive through car wash. ONLY WASH YOUR CAR WITH A TOUCHLESS WASH. If you take it through a touch car wash like a gas station, the brushes will scratch or potentially peel your wrap. Only hand wash your vehicle or have a detailer do it that is experienced with vinyl wraps.

Before you bring in your vehicle to get wrapped, please wash it, sand any spots where the paint or clear coat is failing, and seal off any rust spots. We can do all of these for you, but if you want to save yourself some money, you can do it yourself beforehand.

Vinyl wraps usually last 3-5 years if properly maintained. Keep it out of the sun as much as possible, keep a uv-protective coat on it, and treat it well. Certain spots on your vehicle will last longer than others, the first to go is usually the hood and roof as they are directly facing the sun. 

We offer 3 finishes, gloss, satin, and matte. Gloss tends to last a little bit longer but all can last as long as they are taken care of. We do offer custom textured finishes at an extra cost.

Don’t worry about it! 1DayWraps services the nation, every single corner of it. No matter what city or state you live in, we are able to send our teams out to get the job done.

Step 1


During your consultation, we will go over what exactly it is that you need. We will go over what vehicle you have, what type of wrap you want, and a rough idea of your design.

Step 2


During the design process, we will work with you to create and perfect the wrap that will best suit your vehicle. We deliver the proofs on actual templates of your vehicle so you can see exactly how it would look like.

Step 3


After you have approved your design for print, we start the installation process. We will get your vehicle in the shop, prep your paint, disassemble any necessary parts, and wrap your vehicle!

Step 4


This is what separates us from other shops. We don’t send you on your way immediately after wrapping your vehicle. We bring it out in the sun and fully inspect your wrap for any imperfections. This way we can fix it before you receive your newly wrapped vehicle.

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